Your body is amazing.

The first step toward birthing confidently is understanding how your body and your baby work together in the dance of labor.

In this free 4-lesson mini-course, I show you exactly how birth works, and set you on the path toward more deeply trusting your birthing body.

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"This class reminded me what my body is capable of doing, and that really served as an anchor during labor."


"I really appreciated the props Monica used to describe the anatomy. It's one thing to see an image, and another to see something so tangible."


"This course helped me prepare for birth as a positive and not scary experience. I left feeling empowered, and like my body was made for this."


Your instructor

Monica Basile is a Certified Professional Midwife, Doula, Childbirth Educator, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher. Monica has more than 25 years of experience teaching childbirth classes and attending births. She is a mother, and an active, trusted leader in the birth community. She can be found online at Mapleseed Birth & Bodywork.

Everyone is welcome here. The materials in this space will never make assumptions about your gender or sexuality, your body, your family structure, living space, or past experiences. I teach from an anti-oppressive, trauma-aware, body-positive perspective.